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Weight Loss Trio-Pack

The X-FIT Challenge Pack is an amazing combination of the following Prime+ Nutritional Products recommended to support Xenesta’s X-FIT Challenge:

  • KETO On Demand™ – our revolutionary formula that dramatically accelerates the transition into ketosis* (One large 300mL bottle and One small 50 mL bottle providing 40 servings).
  • HEMP On Demand Full Spectrum™ – our super-popular nanoemulsified Full Spectrum Hemp Extract providing a premium blend of CBD and beneficial terpenes that support whole-body health* (One 50mL bottle providing 25 servings).
  • X-FUEL® – our super-popular fitness and energy drink built to be the “cleanest energy drink on the planet” with Bioenergetic Nutrients and Botanical Ingredients that support fat burn during exercise and help healthy adults stay focused and productive* (Three boxes providing 36 servings).

Note: For a limited time your first X-FIT Challenge Pack order will include Xenesta’s custom CamelBak® Water Bottle (a $14.95 value) for FREE.  Get it while supplies last!

Be sure to see the X-FIT Challenge Program Guide for all the information you need to excel in the X-FIT Challenge!

Click the link and scroll down to look for the X-Fit Challenge Pack!

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