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Nitric Oxide Supplement

Backed by many successful clinical trials, years of research, and the leading team in Nitric Oxide research, this proprietary, clinical strength and patented Neo40 Professional formula is developed out of years of scientific research from the University of Texas Health Science Center and the N-O Discovery Program. Because this clinical-strength formula is biphasic, it allows for the conversion of Nitrate to Nitrite and then to N-O over time in the endothelium as needed.

It is the most efficacious, concentrated, and convenient daily supplement to help to quickly increase the body’s Nitric Oxide levels. Neo40 Professional offers significantly more N-O production with each tablet than the flagship Neo40 Daily, with added methylfolate. This is critical for those patients who have a methyl tetrahydrofolate reductase genetic variant (referred to as the MTHFR SNP) as well as SNPs in the Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) gene. People with MTHFR SNP are unable to maintain enough reduced tetrahydrobiopterin to support endogenous Nitric Oxide production. The addition of methylfolate can help overcome this genetic problem.

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