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Health Course for Women

You CAN get huge results with a lot less work. If you want to look and feel better with less time dieting and exercising, then this is your answer. Dr. Rimka walks you personally through her powerful science-based 3R Reset.

In this 90 day program designed specifically for action taking women like you, you will learn to Rest, Restore, and Renew with access to:

  • The life-changing 3R video course on a private e-learning center for one full year.
  • Exclusive Bi-Weekly Facebook Live QA sessions with Dr. Rimka for 90 Days.
  • Interactive Community Support Led by Dr. Rimka.
  • 3R Reset is the foundation course for a signature series healing journey of courses: 3R – M1 – M2.
  • M1 is required to attend Master’s Retreats.

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