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Spiritual Goals

“The expression of our spirituality is governed by our neurology.”  -Dr. Stephanie Rimka

Modern science is studying the cultivation of compassion amongst those who have practiced over 10,000 hours to specifically increase their own compassion by studying the brains and hearts of advanced Buddhist monks and comparing those to a group of norms. They have indeed found a way to make major changes in areas of their brains that have even the Dalai Lama saying that maybe they have been wrong to think the Soul lives in the heart because apparently it seems to live in the brain. Now, we aren’t entirely sure of that, because the relationship between the heart and brain is powerful in ways beyond our understanding right now. Which is why we do go ahead and also do biofeedback on your heart rate variability to align your heart’s coherence before we align your brainwaves. This is a way to strive to maintain calm, stable, comfortable, and grounded clients who wish to deepen their knowledge of Self and Spirit.

Science does seem to indicate that if your brain neurology is orderly and peaceful, so shall you experience yourself and life. And what then shall you experience if your brain neurology is disorderly and chaotic?

“Neurofeedback is considered the most significant advance towards positive transformation since the discovery of meditation.” -Matthieu Ricard, Buddhist Monk and author

Whether you are a beginner or advanced seeker of deeper growth in your spiritual life, neurofeedback can provide that extra support to either maintain stability or improve your ability to access your unconscious mind. This presents a unique set of advantages and a unique set of problems.  Blending together the best of ancient spiritual practices with modern technology can be tricky. It is safe and effective when done at the pace right for you. However, it can also create discomfort and instability in some.

Ancient traditions developed using very long processes preparing an individual for awakening. This typically ensured a person who had enough stability and spiritual strength to integrate the awakening and insights. Transformation on the planet appears to have accelerated its rate, for whatever reasons, and today many individuals have access to these ancient traditions with minimal preparation. This often leads to what is coined “spiritual instability.” This is seen when someone isn’t capable of integrating and moving through the revelations of the mind. It can create psychological instability. It is analogous to detoxification in the physical body.

Detoxification is a major key to health of the physical and mental bodies. The best detoxification is a daily, consistent, gentle process. However, the modern philosophy is to ignore consistent daily discipline in favor of consuming excessive toxins daily, and then every few months (or once a year) doing a deep cleansing via fasting, juice cleanse, enemas, colonics, herbal tonics, etc. These detoxification processes are shorter in duration and create more explosive dumping of toxins. This requires already overburdened, sluggish organ systems to suddenly work harder than usual, or perhaps capable, in response to these more intense purification practices. They are therefore laden with more “healing crisis” symptoms which can be considerably uncomfortable, and in some cases, even dangerous.

Imagine it's about detoxing your spiritual body?

Going too fast, too soon creates “spiritual crisis” often referred to as the “dark night of the soul.”  More people are remaining stuck here after certain spiritual experiences. Westerners with little to no development of their spiritual selves beforehand are increasingly seeking out spiritual practices such as drug induced awakenings like Ayahuasca journeys, Reiki, Shaktipat, and Tantra yoga. Often this leaves many people very unstable because they didn’t prepare, It is not that these practices are unsafe in and if themselves, it is that you must create stability beforehand. Just like it is dangerous to take an unhealthy, malnourished physical body through a 26 mile run without months of deliberate marathon training including nutrition, so it is for spiritual awakening.  But what do we do with the fact that we can help ease into a better mental and spiritual state via accessing our brainwaves via technology?

“... with neurotherapy (neurofeedback) we are compressing time, and, in less than 2 months, achieving results that adepts such as yogis experience only after many years of meditating.”
-Nancy White PhD., Clinical Psychologist

We can, indeed, safely create stability as well as expansion for those seeking spiritual growth or self improvement by directly accessing areas in your brain to make your disciplined efforts finally pay off in ways you never expected. It is not an “instant fix” for anything. Although it is considerably faster than years, it will take months. But like I explained before, dumping too much toxicity too fast just isn’t that fun for you or anyone around you. To learn more, visit our Neuro-Spirituality page.