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The RIGHT Music Can Heal, But the Wrong Music Can Hurt

Many people are familiar with the concept behind music therapy, but not everyone thinks to incorporate this into their own life.  Armed with the knowledge that listening to certain types of music can lift your mood or alter it in other desirable ways, you can create your own reality.  This knowledge can also inform your…

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The Healing Power of Dreams You Aren’t Using!

The meaning and basis of our dreams is something that has been the subject of a great deal of speculation in the psychological community for years. Theories about dreams emerging to express unmanifested desires of our subconscious and dreams acting to allow us to process our experiences in a safe space abound, and many healers…

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Pomifera Face and Body Product Guides

Pomifera has put together product usage guides for their Face and Body products.  Please use the Pomifera Products that you have in the order seen below.  If you have Pomifera Products that are not listed in the guides below, feel free to use those products whenever you desire! If you haven’t started using Pomifera Products yet, you can start…

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Think Clearly! Part 3 of Dopamine Series

The last blog discussed the role of the neurotransmitter dopamine as crucial to achieving pleasure and regulating moods as well as motivation and energy. If you missed it, please read it first. Don’t worry, it will only take few minutes. You can check it out here, Lazy or Dopamine-Depleted?

You can have your neurotransmitter levels tested from a urine test, which is easy and painless, for the most accurate assessment. But, many times it’s relatively obvious based upon history, symptoms, and QEEG Brain Map results that it is highly likely the cause of many of the emotional struggles such as low motivation, depression, lack of pleasure/joy, and food cravings, for example.

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You’re Not Actually Working Out

Fitness is an essential component to wellness, and it requires action on your part. No amount of vitamins will replace the nutritious benefits of eating whole, healthy foods and no amount of walking on a treadmill will replace the invigorating health benefits of being active in the great outdoors. If you want to be well, then you must act well. That means getting out and enjoying your life.

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