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8 Ways to Raise Dopamine with Diet – Part 4 of the Dopamine Series

1. Eat tyrosine rich foods:-Dairy I have a lot of caveats about eating dairy, as I’m not a fan of most of the neurological disorders, autoimmune conditions, gut pathologies, and food allergies I see. But it is very high in tyrosine. If you eat it, I highly recommend you invest in local, grass-raised animals not…

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Think Clearly! Part 3 of Dopamine Series

The last blog discussed the role of the neurotransmitter dopamine as crucial to achieving pleasure and regulating moods as well as motivation and energy. If you missed it, please read it first. Don’t worry, it will only take few minutes. You can check it out here, Lazy or Dopamine-Depleted?

You can have your neurotransmitter levels tested from a urine test, which is easy and painless, for the most accurate assessment. But, many times it’s relatively obvious based upon history, symptoms, and QEEG Brain Map results that it is highly likely the cause of many of the emotional struggles such as low motivation, depression, lack of pleasure/joy, and food cravings, for example.

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Dopamine – How I Love Thee! Part 2 of Dopamine Series

What is dopamine and why does it matter? Dopamine is a chemical made in several areas of the brain and is a way nerve cells talk to one another. We call those types of chemical neurotransmitters, and this one in particular is a neurohormone. Society is becoming a little familiar with these scientific terms as…

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Why the Vegan Agenda?

I had a new patient mention he stopped eating animal protein for the past few weeks. I asked him “Why?” He replied, “I don’t know…I heard it was healthier.” Oh really? If we all just changed our health habits based on what someone said, or what a film showed, we would be in big trouble. …

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COVID Theater Continues

The Scamdemic winner amongst all scamdemics ever, the Great Plague of 2020, continues to leave a charade of comedy in the wake of its evil. I had the great misfortune of seeing how deep C0VID Theater continues to run last weekend. My son has a deadly allergy to peanuts, and at a high school dance, he ate some chicken.…

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2022 – Back to the Blog!

Who knew we’d still be in the “upside-down” two years later? Since nothing makes sense, everyone is chronically confused, and censorship is at an all-time high, I decided: this is the perfect time to blog again!  But, the limitations of captions on IG/FB where I post 2-3 x/day consistently, leaves me feeling unsatisfied at times. So…

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