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Burning Woman

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | September 26, 2015

I wish this past week came with a “Caution” or “Beware” sign for myself and those in my wake. This blog is typically for “non-personal” topics related to health, spirituality, transformation, consciousness, and all things holistic. But, just like religion necessarily involves forming the opinion of the politician in this country, so does my personal…

You’re Not Actually Working Out

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | June 7, 2015

Fitness is an essential component to wellness, and it requires action on your part. No amount of vitamins will replace the nutritious benefits of eating whole, healthy foods and no amount of walking on a treadmill will replace the invigorating health benefits of being active in the great outdoors. If you want to be well, then you must act well. That means getting out and enjoying your life.

Your Body is a River of Water

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | June 7, 2015

Is your water flowing quickly and efficiently or is is stuck and stagnant due to low water levels and drought?

You might think that the statement “water is the source of life” is an overstatement, but if you take a closer look at your body’s make-up and function, you’ll see just how true that is. As a human being, you are seventy percent water. If you lose even two percent of that, your body’s ability to function and perform begins to drop off.

“Pleasure Principle” Dopamine Diet

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | April 28, 2015

The last blog discussed the role of the neurotransmitter dopamine as crucial to achieving pleasure and regulating moods as well as motivation and energy. If you missed it, please read it first. Don’t worry, it will only take few minutes. You can check it out here, Lazy or Dopamine-Depleted?

You can have your neurotransmitter levels tested from a urine test, which is easy and painless, for the most accurate assessment. But, many times it’s relatively obvious based upon history, symptoms, and QEEG Brain Map results that it is highly likely the cause of many of the emotional struggles such as low motivation, depression, lack of pleasure/joy, and food cravings, for example.

Our Therapeutic Connection with Art

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | April 26, 2015

Written by Helen Field The concept of “art” has always been prevalent in our history – from the early stone carvings and cave paintings of the Upper Paleolithic people to the mesmerizing sculptures and portraits that grace homes, museums, galleries, parks, and streets today. Art as a medium is intrinsic to our existence – we…

Lazy-Depressed or Dopamine-Depleted?

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | April 26, 2015

Everywhere I turn lately I end up talking about dopamine in my office or even out at dinner with friends. Anyone in clinical practice for a number of years can tell you how things come in “waves.” It’s never a coincidence that my new Practice Member exams over three weeks are ALL paranoid schizophrenics or…

The Healing Power of Dreams

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | February 26, 2015

The meaning and basis of our dreams is something that has been the subject of a great deal of speculation in the psychological community for years.  Theories about dreams emerging to express unmanifested desires of our subconscious and dreams acting to allow us to process our experiences in a safe space abound, and many healers…

Dick Gregory

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | February 12, 2015

Dick Gregory is an African American comedian and civil rights activist whose social satire changed the way white Americans perceived African American comedians since he first performed in public. I personally know him more as a Health Guru. His career includes a breadth of work ranging from comedy, civil rights, women’s rights, natural healing/diet, and…

Healing Music

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | February 9, 2015

Many people are familiar with the concept behind music therapy, but not everyone thinks to incorporate this into their own life.  Armed with the knowledge that listening to certain types of music can lift your mood or alter it in other desirable ways, you can create your own reality.  This knowledge can also inform your…

Cheap Supplements = Buyer Beware

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | February 7, 2015

PLEASE stop buying supplements from “anywhere” and letting price be the ultimate determinant of your final selection. I have been beating this drum for years. However, you need to be aware of the latest NY Times article outlining the Cease-and Desist order issued to your favorite big-box retailers. Turns out, the supplements they sell aren’t…

The Stages of Play

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | February 6, 2015

Playing is an intrinsic, healthy part of how children learn about the world.  They use it to explore their environments, to engage with others,  learn and practice new skills, expand and explore their imagination, etc.  Knowing the stages of play that your child will likely go through is important as it enables you to have…

iPads, Smartphones, and Ritalin. Oh My!

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | July 14, 2014

                     “It’s not sustained attention in the absence of rewards, it’s sustained attention with frequent intermittent rewards.” -Christopher Lucas, associate professor of child psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine describing the way the brain forms itself when playing a video game like MineCraft.I could just…

Patch Adams

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | July 2, 2014

Hunter ‘Patch’ Adams was born in 1945 in Washington, D.C. Patch first visited a mental hospital at the young age of 17, when he was sent by his mother because he was contemplating suicide. During his stay, he became acquainted with the problem of lonely patients who didn’t have the stability of people in their…

Cinnamon- Are you unknowingly making a toxic choice?

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | May 19, 2014

The popularity of cinnamon because of an increase in common knowledge about its health benefits is very encouraging! I am continually inspired by people and our apparent natural drive to learn, grow, and do what’s healthy. This natural desire can sometimes appear missing as we get further and further from living within nature. But, this…

Technological Disconnect and Depression

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | August 27, 2013

It’s like you’re my mirror. Another 2 minute clip that so elegantly reflects our behavior to us like a glowing mirror.  I include myself here, of course. I am not above the elusive grasp that the ever present smart phone has strangled in my life.  This is another gripping reminder that I have allowed another…

Does Treating Kids as Fragile Lead to Fragile Adults?

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | August 2, 2013

This 3 minute video is a pure gem! Depending upon where YOU are in the scenario (child, parent, or pseudo adult), it will have you laughing or crying. But it hits upon a very serious issue I see arising clinically much more frequently.  In fact, I NEVER saw it 15 years ago: Parents calling, scheduling,…

Garlicky Greens

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | May 13, 2013

Leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, and chard are full of vitamins K and C, iron, and beta-carotene. Kale has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Particularly when chopped, kale contains a potent cancer fighting agent called sulforaphane. Eat generous helpings of leafy greens like kale and every cell in your body will thank you. Ingredients: …

Acupuncture Overview

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | May 12, 2013

Acupuncture originated in China over 5,000 years ago, and is based upon the premise that all living beings have “qui,” or vital energy. This energy circulates throughout the body via 12 invisible energy lines known as meridians, with each individual meridianassociated with a different organ system. When this flow of qui is disrupted and an…

Autism Action Month

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | April 3, 2013

April is Autism Awareness Month. To be blunt, we simply don’t have enough time to be focused on mere awareness anymore. The Centers for Disease Control just released the newest data entitled “Changes in Prevalence of Parent-Reported Autism Spectrum Disorder in School-aged U.S. Children: 2007 to 2011-2012.” They found that 1 in 50 children ages…

Walking Meditation

By Dr. Stephanie Rimka | December 18, 2012

In this technological age we live in, it’s rare to see someone walking without an iPod or some other music or media player strapped to them. Listening to music or even watching a video is so commonplace that few of us take the time to enjoy the stillness of our thoughts and the interaction with…

America’s Favorite Drug Addiction:Coffee

By wpengine | November 1, 2012

Sound a bit extreme? Well, caffeine is indeed classified as a drug and is addictive, so it’s not really a stretch. And Americans love it. Roughly 60% of adults, and from what I see at Starbucks, a rapidly increasing number of children and teenagers, are gobbling it up. I used to believe that all drugs are pretty…

The Green Lantern holds the Key to Consciousness?

By wpengine | October 17, 2012

This 2 minute clip of last year’s super-budget, action-filled, comic book film starring Ryan Reynolds shows Hal Jordan, aka the new Green Lantern and the first human Lantern chosen, learning how to use his special super power. Warning: There is foul language and violence. It is not advised for children. I don’t get to watch…

Ambien is Increasing Your Risk of Death by Almost 4 Times?

By wpengine | September 13, 2012

February 2012  Media coverage of a shocking new study published in a British Medical Journal from an American study looking at the effects of sleeping pills on death and cancer risk. There are numerous reasons why one might seek out natural alternatives to sleep medication.  It might be that you would prefer to avoid taking…

Remembering 9/11: A Day of love

By wpengine | September 11, 2012

I remember today as day of exceptional love and service. A day when a city showed its courage and resolve. It is a day I choose to remember in my heart as a shining example of what is BEST within us all.   A day when strangers ran into burning and collapsing buildings to save other strangers at great risk and peril…

Hatha Yoga for Diabetes

By wpengine | September 4, 2012

Whether you are dealing with type one or type two diabetes, Hatha yoga is something that can greatly benefit and improve your health. Hatha yoga is the physical yoga form that is often simply called “yoga” in the west. Hatha yoga encompasses a number of different traditions, such as Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa Flow, etc.…

Does Your Morning Cup of Coffee Help Prevent Cavities?

By wpengine | August 12, 2012

The main focus on coffee’s benefits has been concentrated on caffeine, even though coffee beans – both green and roasted – have long been known to contain antibacterial and antioxidant chemicals. However, according to Carla Pruzzo of the University of Ancona in Italy, some of coffee’s components stop mouth bacteria from becoming active. Stopping or…

Can I Stop Those Mosquitoes from Eating Me Alive?

By wpengine | July 9, 2012

Summer is well upon us, and even though we just survived a slew of 100+ temperatures around the country, we all want to enjoy the outdoors. But the biggest deterrent to summertime fun for many of us are the annoying, painful, and perhaps downright dangerous bites of mosquitoes. A mom recently wrote to me asking…

Change Your Life!

By wpengine | June 21, 2012

Can you imagine having total and complete control over your life? It would likely mean a complete restructuring of your beliefs, and would require total honesty with yourself, and awareness of all your thoughts. Realistically however, we are all capable of affecting changes in our lives – positive and negative.   Many of us do…

“I heard a vegetarian diet was healthier…”

By wpengine | June 21, 2012

A practice member came in the other day and mentioned he stopped eating animal protein for the past few weeks. I asked him why. He replied, “I don’t know…I heard it was healthier.” Oh really? If we all just changed our health habits based on what someone said, or what a film showed, we would…

The Most Inspiring Video I Have Ever Seen!

By wpengine | May 9, 2012

Stop EVERYTHING and watch this 5 minute video please. Share this page with anyone you love who may be struggling believing…in anything. This video came across my desk from yoga instructor Mandy Roberts (Form Yoga, Decatur, GA). Thank you Mandy! I am not going to say much except please watch it. Show it to your kids. Show it to…

Raw Juicing Benefits by Marta Gazman – Part 2

By wpengine | April 19, 2012

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days An incredible 5 minute clip following 6 real Americans with diabetes.  Can you be off all insulin and stabilized in 30 days or less through diet?  You better believe it! Anti-InflammatoryRaw juices and foods are powerfully anti-inflammatory. Just look at the cover of Time magazine. It was all the rage…

Raw Juicing Benefits by Marta Gazman – Part 1

By wpengine | April 16, 2012

When Dr. Stephanie asked me to write a guest blog, I started to contemplate all the healing benefits  I’ve witnessed in my friends, family, and clients. The enthusiastic feedback from those who add raw juices and living foods into their lifestyles is overwhelming. I feel honored to share what I have learned over 20 years of juicing…

Is All This Buzz About Juicing Just a Lot of Hype?

By wpengine | April 2, 2012

Many requests have come my way to talk a little about preparing fresh juices. Posts appear on the Facebook Business Page that promote or discuss some of its benefits. But I want to make something clear:      I am not a huge proponent or staunch              advocate of strict juicing.  I think…

Acupuncture for Animals

By wpengine | March 22, 2012

Acupuncture for animals might not be as commonly seen or heard of as acupuncture for healing people, but it is just as efficacious in healing animals.  In order to perform acupuncture on animals, the practitioner will need to have formally studied acupuncture and be a licensed veterinarian.  Acupuncture works by stimulating the flow of qi…

Wayne Dyer Discusses Our Health Crisis

By wpengine | March 8, 2012

WAYNE W. DYER, PH.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He’s the author of over 30 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.  First and foremost, Dr. Dyer reminds me of the “rightness” in my path to choose…